Beating them at their own game


Hope you had a good weekend, such a shame the weather hasn’t been playing ball this last week or so but nice to see a bit of sunshine out again today

It’s been a busy few weeks at Evolve but lots has been happening to keep pushing the Evolve brand forwards and grow our offering to members and non-members alike.  

A couple of weeks back Dave and I did our first nutrition chat at Evolve. It was a great success and allowed us to chat to those in the room about creating a better diet.

This was the precursor to the launch of our online nutrition programme.

Last week we finally launched it and had an amazing response. We already have people improving their diet and health in just a week.

Dave and I used to run an online business before Evolve and we absolutely loved helping people sort out their diets to improve their body composition, sleep, training and health.

It has been something that we have wanted to re-do for so long but our time has been spent on building the gym and we didn’t feel we had the time to give it the attention it needed.

 Thankfully we are now in a position for that to change and really looking forward to growing it along side the training aspect of Evolve.

I sent an email out last weekend with all the info so make sure you have a read and if it’s something you feel you could benefit from, drop me an email and we can chat more.  

This is open to everyone, not just our members.


The Turf Games


This weekend we saw the inaugural Under Armour Turf Games, Summer Games, held at Rosslyn park.

It was once again a fantastic fitness festival showcasing some seriously fit individuals taking part in workouts designed by some of London’s top gyms

One of those gyms was Evolve.

 We had an arena with 2x 7 minute workouts which tested everyday athletes to their max. A great combination of some all out cardio and strength, showcasing what we were about.

We also had 2 Evolve teams entered in the competition, another women’s team made up of members new and old and our amazing members who either helped us with judging the workouts or just came along to cheer everyone on.

It yet again showed the London fitness scene just how amazing our community is and that we can stand shoulder to shoulder with the big boys and more than hold our own.

Everyone gave it their all with many of the athletes stating that our workout was the best. Something we are massively proud of.

I will be adding photos to our social media so be sure to check out both Facebook and Instagram over the next few days.

 A huge thank you has to go out to the members who helped us run it.

 Kate, Rich, Fiona, Ellen, Danni, Charlie and Lou. Without you guys we couldn’t have done it.

 And a big well done to Rob, Dewald, Alex Hambrook, Stu, Hayley, Katie Good, Brig, Alex Gear, Emma C, Bronte, Marissa, Camilla, Megan and Elisha for all pushing themselves to their absolute limits and representing the Evolve brand.

On to the next one.

Have a cracking week and speak soon.  



Ashton Turner