The price you pay for getting fit!!

What is the cost of losing weight?

Losing weight is HARD!!

I mean it has to be right, if it were that easy surely everyone would do it and we wouldn’t ever get overweight in the first place. 

So what is the cost of losing weight?

Long arduous training sessions?

No more fun nights out with friends?

Losing the ability to ever eat anything “nice” again?

Having to count every calorie and track every step taken throughout the day?

Waving goodbye to alcohol?

Fear of walking into a gym and having everyone laugh at you because you are out of shape and they are all Adonis’s, therefore knocking your confidence so low the only outcome is to sit back on the sofa?

The embarrassment of getting out of breath just walking through the door?

But how many of these are actually true?

Well, I have news for you. 


You see the biggest thing about not getting started, is the fear that its going to be too hard for you or that you have to give up too much.

But truth be told, unless you are flirting with an early grave, this couldn’t be further from the reality. 

Because in every gym in the country there are countless people just like you, thriving and progressing amongst the gym gods we fear and all these people are doing it whilst still managing to live a life and enjoy some of the things they love. 

Whenever a new member starts their journey with us it turns out their biggest fear or the thing that has stopped them from starting sooner is the fear that a) the studio is full of super fit people who are intimidating or b) that to get fit again is too hard. 

However, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that neither of these are true. 

We created an un-intimidating environment, where no matter your starting point you are supported, encouraged and rewarded, not only by us but by our members. This makes training fun, easy but most of all something you want to do more of. 

We have a community of like minded people who all want the same thing and who all support each other and hand out sweaty high fives to members new and old.

But don’t just take our word for it. 

When I set about writing this blog, I wanted to get the view point of two of our members. Two people who had let life get in the way of health and who had put off doing anything about it for years. I wanted to see what they feared the most but soon came to realise that they had nothing to worry about. 

So here is what they had to say. 

Rich, a father in his mid 50’s came to us after a lot of loving persuasion (nagging) from his wonderful wife, who had become a huge part of our fitness community.

‘I think my biggest fear was the whole idea of simply "joining in". 

Until I joined Evolve I'd never participated in a class type activity in my life and idea of working out with a group of people freaked me out.  

I'd had various gym memberships over the years, but they'd all been at places where you simply turned up and did your own thing - run on a treadmill, cycle or use a cross-trainer.  

My biggest issue was that I felt very self conscious of working out in a group - I thought everyone else would be super fit and I'd be the fat 55-year old in the corner. 

However, it only took a few sessions for me to realise that simply wasn't the case. 

Yes there were plenty of young and very fit people, but everyone was so friendly and supportive it didn't matter what age or shape I was. 

I found myself working out with people my own age with one or two even older, and quite a few of these were in similar situation weight and fitness wise or had been previously, even some of the (much) younger ones. 

However, for all the amazing support I've received and still do receive from my fellow members (better not forget to mention the wife here), it's been you, Dave and Ollie that have given me the biggest confidence boost to help me overcome my fear of "joining in”’

Rich is now down to a weight he hasn’t been at since he was in his 20’s and to see the change in him not only physically but mentally is amazing, but we will leave Rich’s full journey to another post.  

Our second member, Dewald came to us via a referral and was keen to not only shift the weight he had gained but shift it and keep it off. After all, whats the point of working hard if you are only going to put it all back on again? 

D’s biggest fear? – The fear of failing yet again. Something I am sure many of you can relate to. But perhaps it wasn’t you failing again, it was more the way you tried was too drastic and failed you?

‘Evolve showed me how important a healthy lifestyle was and how much fun it could be maintaining one, consistency being key, indirectly showing me why I was failing in my previous attempts. Gains aren’t just made on the scale!

The difference this time around was engaging with a community of likeminded individuals, supported by an ethos of working hard and being spurred on by great PTs giving knowledgeable guidance on training and nutrition.’

The biggest thing I want to draw your attention to from D’s quote is how important a healthy lifestyle was and how much fun it could be maintaining one. 

What is this witchcraft you talk about”, I hear you cry!! “An enjoyable, healthy lifestyle!! How is chicken and broccoli, morning, noon and night enjoyable?”

Well this again is where the cost of getting fit is often miscalculated.

Dewald drank beer, he had bbq’s, he had nights out with friends and his wonderful wife, but he did it understanding the effect it had and how to counteract it to ensure he kept progressing. 

He did it to be able to sustain his new found relationship with a healthy lifestyle and he did it because life is for living.

You see, the cost of getting healthy is no where near as hard as your perception of it and although this sounds like one big avert for my gym, it isn’t. There are 100’s of gyms around the UK taking this approach and I hope that wherever you are, and whatever your reason for putting off starting is, you read this blog and find some confidence and desire to get your journey going. Remember the first time you tried coffee or alcohol wasn’t quite what you expected but now you can’t enough of the stuff? 

Well maybe take that approach with the gym!!!