They've just hit 100k!!!

So when Dave and I go on a podcast it seems that big things happen!!!

This week we had the honour of being asked to appear on the fantastic 3 Dumbbells podcast.

Now, we don't want to brag but the podcast went out this morning and they have now hit 100k downloads....

Ok, so let me clear things up. 

The 100k is across all podcasts (this was episode number 57) but we would like to think this number couldn't have been hit without us!!! 

Anyway back to the matter in hand. 

These 3 guys (Seb, Fred and Matt) have made an amazing podcast which is making waves in the podcast charts and it really was very flattering to be asked to tell our story. 

We talk all things business, how to build a community, how David and I got to where we are today...spoiler alert, Dave met me, which is why he got to where he is!! and generally our thoughts on the ever changing fitness industry.

SSSOOOO, what are you waiting for? Go and download it HERE, show these guys and us some love and hopefully you will find some knowledge bombs amongst the laughs. 

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