Eric the Eel!

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote to you all. It’s been a busy month or so.

August was packed full, with lots going on.

It started off with a weekend trip to Bath, taking in the historic town and enjoying a few days out of London. A few days away taking in another city is certainly a good way to unwind, visiting the natural Spas was a highlight.

Now a little older, 32 (I’m catching up with Ash), I enjoyed a few celebrations with friends and family. Not to mention my twin sister.

I’ve been lucky to go to some great restaurants over the last few weeks; the first and one of my all-time favourites is Chez Bruce just off Wandsworth Common. A Michelin star experience with a really relaxed feel. The food is incredible, I love red meat and the Cote de Beouf was on another level, it was a fantastic evening with family.

I also got to go to Kym’s in Bloomberg Arcade up in central London, a very cool and modern take on Chinese food, definitely worth a visit.

ITs great to get away and really switch off, and it was my turn to be away over the las week. I went off to Corfu for a bit of sailing with my parents, and it was incredible to have some down time and come back refreshed. Eating too much calamari and enjoying Rose and beers, I have zero guilt about it, and feel motivated to get back into a healthy routine again.

While away I started swimming again. I’ve never loved swimming in a pool, I find it tedious following a black line up and down, repeatedly. However out in the sea, and swimming for 2km a day roughly, I loved it. So nice to be in the most perfect blue water.

Now I’m a fairly good swimming, but I’ve always struggled with breathing and finding a rhythm. It took a few days and a few swims to really settle into it and feel stronger with my stroke and more comfortable- and to use my legs more than just my arms.

But I have a point to this; it’s very similar to starting a fitness regime or taking control of your diet, it’s hard to start with; it may even leave you gasping for breath a few times, sore and uncomfortable. But it gets easier the more you do it, the movement pattern becomes easier, more fluid, and more natural. That’s the same with training, you’ll master movements, and you’ll find you have to concentrate less on the movements and it becomes about the effort level. Feeling better and stronger. More confident and then really enjoying the process.

This is just like starting our FIT30 trial, the first few session will feel harder, but you’ll settle into your stride and feel better and better.

All you have to do is start, and persevere!

Looking forward to an equally good September.

All the Best



Ashton Turner