Falling off the wagon!

 Afternoon all, hope you all had a good weekend and are celebrating the return of the spring sunshine today!

 So what have I been up to of late?

 Stronger Together

 Last week myself, David and Ollie joined up with some friends and other leading coaches in the industry for the launch of Stronger Coaches Academy.

 The academy has been set up by some brilliant coaches and friends to provide mentorship to up and coming fitness coaches. We were asked to go along to form the “inner circle”, essentially, to be the coaches the academy can look up to.

Personally, I think this is great for the industry. It can be hard at times as these days it’s pretty easy to become a PT and the industry isn’t that well regulated, which means there are some questionable ethics and coaches out there either on social media or in the real world.

 But, having academies like this can only improve our industry, which in turn means you, the consumer gets a better result and we, as business owners get access to some very good coaching.

 Falling off the Wagon

So, after having a fantastic March in terms of training, it seems the 24 hour assault bike did me in!

 April has been a bit hit and miss. I have trained here and there but some of these sessions haven’t had maximum effort put in by me.

However, I wanted to address this as I know it’s something that happens to a lot of people and I also know people feel guilty about it when it does. But, you can’t push at 100% all the time and there are going to be times that work, life or just motivation get in the way.


 When you are in this for the long game, taking a week out, or having a few sessions that are a little below par won’t do as much harm as you think. It only starts to have an effect if a) it becomes the norm and b) if you are leaving it to the last minute to get results and so every session counts.

This is why we always talk about making this a lifestyle as opposed to a 12 week fad. The margins for error are completely different and trust me, leaving things to the last minute isn’t fun.


Check this place out

 If you are in need of a good roast then definitely give Brook House a try. The pub has just opened again, but this time it has been taken over by the team behind the Brown Cow and The Sands End so I was hoping for good things. And I was not disappointed. It was probably one of the best roasts I have had in this area and it was a really nice atmosphere. So, next time you are looking for somewhere to go, give it a try.


Enjoy your week, don’t forget to come and check us out if you haven’t been in to see us yet and stay on track with your goals.



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