"You've got soft feet for a man..."

Team Evolve have decided it’s time to connect with you guys more– giving an insight into what we’ve been up to and our advice on how to manage your diet/health and training whilst also enjoying everything London has to offer.

We are back to Dave again, what on earth has he been up to this week?


How have three weeks passed already. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone.

So, what on earth have I been up to this last week?

Meet someone new

I’m going to introduce all the current members on the 30 day trial at Evolve, there are 24 awesome new faces. When you meet any of these lovely folk in the gym say hello and introduce yourself. Make them feel at home and if Ash tells a bad joke make them aware that they don’t have to pretend to find it funny. 

Mandeep Malik

Ella Frester

Ross Olding

Holly Bristow

Katie Ellen

Mercedes Marques Pinto

Joao Marques Pinto

Tristan Alyward

Alexa Keymar

Lucie Preece

Bill Shepherd

Damian Hopley

Gavin Weiss

Donna Macbain

Nicole Brazier

Nicola Lewis

Sofia Donavan

John Rutten

Kim Brokenshire

Amberey Walker

Sophie Holloway

Robyn Humphreys

Amy Irving

James Williams

Trying something new

My fiancée saw on Groupon a deal on a reflexology session at our local beauty salon, she said it was basically a foot rub for an hour. It was Friday and I’d been on my feet all week, that sounded amazing. I turn up, a bit sheepish because its a beauty salon, I’m a blokes bloke, I have no idea what reflexology is and the salon is full of ladies with their toes out getting painted… She sends me downstairs and at this point it suddenly dawns on me that my feet are not going to be the freshest things she has laid her hands on, its the end of a long shift at the gym for goodness sake. I’m now embarrassed about my feet, how do I get round this?

The lady comes in and asks me what I know about reflexology. A blank expression comes over my face and I say that I don’t know anything about it and it was booked for me by my fiancee. She laughs and then tells me to get myself under the towel on the massage bed “you can take your shorts off or leave them on’… 

I was pretty sure this was feet?

This whole experience was stressful, she was now washing my feet the poor soul. The frustrating thing about this whole story is I cant even tell you if the reflexology was good or not as I fell asleep within about 4 minutes, an expensive nap. I was awake long enough to hear her say something that I will remember for a long time “you have very soft feet for a man”. If anyone knows a lot about reflexology and wants to further my knowledge please do sit me down next time you see me and explain it to me. 

Lesson from a social situation this week

Relatively speaking, my diet is great. The dictionary defines ‘relatively’: in relation, comparison, or proportion to something else.

I’ve never thought my diet was perfect because I do have the odd take away. I have a very large energy output, I have always had the luxury of being able to eat more than the average person, those take aways make less of a dent. My fiancée Louise has a diet that is far superior to 99% of people on this planet, and it’s a lot better than mine relatively speaking. Now my point is that everyone will compare themselves, their diet, their training, to someone else and that creates their perception of how well/bad they are doing. You could be the slowest person in the room, but if that room is the 10 finalists for the Olympic 100m sprint you could be the slowest in the room but still faster than everyone else on the planet.

Where am I going with this?

I think my diet is pretty good, because I compare it to Lou’s diet, I saw a chap eating a donner kebab and chips at 10.30am. My perception of my diet has changed…i have a great diet!!

Dave x

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