I came second to an Olympic rower...

It’s been a while since i’ve written one of these, so much to tell…

Over the last few weeks with Ollie away it’s been great to get in and coach a little more (understatement). What have I been up to outside the gym?

I’ve found a new cool cider shop, I won a medal and I also started to write a wee (I meant to spell it this way grammar police) blog. 

The cider shop is called Pilango and its at the other end of the arches. Opposite the gym there is a road that goes past all the arches towards munster road, the last shop is Pilango. They do cider making courses, cheese nights, and obviously sell a crazy amount of cider. Like Dr Ink on Fulham Palace road but def pop down and have a look. 

The medal I won was a team event last Saturday, we entered with very little preparation and weren’t really sure how we would get on. We went in with confidence, mainly because we didn’t know what we were putting ourselves into. The four of us had met the week before and did one training session to make sure we were at least a little bit prepared, we were not that arrogant to just turn up and take the win. 

The event was in the Olympic Velodrome, the bike track. When I walked in the steepness of that indoor cycling track was ridiculous, you couldn’t run up it. We were to be rowing in the middle of the stadium with the track circling us. We had to go underground then pop back up like we were some sort of slave in the amphitheatre awaiting our fate. 

The challenge was to row 4000m as fast as possible as a team of four. You could change between people as often or as little as you want, tactics were up to you. 

Out of the 16 teams, we had the least experience. Our team name (Turf Games Titans) was the only one that didn’t include ‘Rowing’ or end in ‘Rowing Club’. We were in the wrong room we thought. What had we let ourselves into, two teams down was captain by an Olympian rower from 2012!

A long story short, we actually did OK. The rowing teams did their lovely technique almost floating back and forward. We looked like we were trying to rip the chain off of the rower, we weren’t going to win any technical prizes. 

In the end, our power came up trumps. We got a time that beat last years winner, and faster than most people that have ever done it. 10 seconds away from the British record in fact. We did 4000m in 10.42 which is an average pace of 1.20/500m including changeovers. We were beaten by an insane team, they smashed the British Record we came so close to and were headed up by an Olympic rower. Im totally OK with that. 

On the podium the lady who was presenting us with medals said “oh are you the gym guys”, which we replied “Yes, maybe we should start rowing…that might help us for next year ha”. 

A silver medal at the British indoor rowing championships (BRIC) is not bad going for a Saturday morning.

The Blog I’m writing is all about the lengths the body will go to if the brain doesn’t let the body stop. The body will go further than you think, the mind will quit first. There are cases where the opposite will occur but for 99.999% of cases most of us quit when it gets hard, but everyones ‘hard’ is different. WHY?

Im going to be writing about the conversation in my head when i’m doing an hour on the Assault bike or when I’m in the deep end at a fitness competition where I’m completely out of my league and still win? How is that possible, usually because I’ll just stop last. 

During your next workout, you will notice yourself telling you to slow down or stop. Your body needs to be told to move and to stop, have a word with yourself and try work for a little longer. People have this interpretation of ‘hard’, as you experience a new level of effort your ability to push yourself increases. Test the boundaries and see if you can increase your capacity for the intensity. 

My blog will talk about that conversation that is required to keep yourself going, it’s the devil on the shoulder you need to ignore.

Lastly, it’s time for our annual massive competition.

Last year we decided we would give away one lucky person a years free membership to Evolve. We picked the winner at random on Christmas Eve and one lucky chap won our top membership free for a year.

So this year we decided to do it again.

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If you want to be in with a chance all you need to do is follow this link, follow the instructions on the post and keep your fingers crossed.

Have a great Christmas and speak to you all in a few weeks.

Dave x

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