The Pursuit of Perfection

Hands up who has the perfect body? 

I bet everyone reading this will have their hands down, myself included yet can probably name a body we aspire to look like that we will call perfect.

However, I am sure if we spoke to that person who spends every day in our so called “perfect body” they will themselves disagree. 

But what is the perfect body?

What defines perfect?




What it is capable of?

I don’t really think that perfect is possible, yet perfection is what we strive for?

This leads me onto a fantastic campaign that women’s health are running on their social media at the moment called #inshapemyshape which encourages females (and if it weren’t called women’s health  I am sure would encourage men too) to love and celebrate their body no matter what size or shape. 

One of my favourite quotes I have seen from the campaign is “I strive for progress, not perfection”. 

I bloody love it. What a mantra to live by and it is definitely something we encourage at Evolve

You see, sadly, “perfection” is something that is rammed down our throats on a daily basis through the wonderful world of social media and it can all leave us feeling a little inadequate.

But the truth is that none of it is real. The photos are staged, the locations hand picked for their ability to make the person look like they have it all and even the “real vs fake” photos are a bit questionable. 

If we were to show a truthful real vs fake the fake would be us oiled up looking ripped and tanned the real would be us sitting in our pants not talking to anyone as we are addicted to our phones screens with a bag or doritos spilt down us…

Or is that just me!! 

Anyway, its time to stop aiming for the perfect body that doesn’t exist and shoot for the best version of you, that you want to achieve. 

This isn’t what everyone tells you it should be, this is what you want it to be.

A healthy body and a healthy mind is hugely important, after all we all want to live a longer life, void of illness and aches and pains.


Do it your way, keep looking to progress at your pace and learn to love your body and all its flaws along the way because for every imperfection you see, someone else will look at it with love.