I love getting my private parts out in public!

It’s come round again… Coaches Catch Up - where you get to find out what the team have been up to. 

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks at Evolve which has been great and there have been plenty of new faces joining us recently, so a big hello to you all. 

So, what I have been up to since we last spoke? 

Well sadly, not an awful lot due to hurting my back. 

Injuries happen. Sometimes they are worse than others and sometimes it doesn’t matter how cautious you are, your body, for many reasons, just gives up.

I have been fairly lucky throughout both my sporting and training life to have only had one bad injury, but I have found as I have gotten older that my body doesn’t quite recover like it used to (I am sure I am not the only one). 

But to me, injuries aren’t all doom and gloom. Often they highlight weakness in the body and give you a chance to focus and reassess. They also allow you to take a step back and rebuild, often allowing you to come back stronger. It’s also a good reminder that if you don’t put as much time in to your recovery, mobility, sleep and nutrition you will end up paying the price. 

I have to thank the amazing guys down at Chiro.London Fulham who have been working with me over the last month or so. These guys are great and really know their stuff so make sure if you have any issues you go and pay them a visit. 


Podcasts seem to be all the rage at the moment, Dave and I have done a few in the past, but a few weeks ago we got to record one with our good friend Chloe Madeley

We chatted with Chloe about how to get started on your health and fitness journey. Chloe has often mentioned how both Dave and I helped her learn more about nutrition and tracking her food which really helped her both in her own training and with her clients. 

We will let you know when it’s out so you can have a listen.

Talking of Podcasts, I am currently listening to the Private Parts podcast by Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and Francis Bouille. It’s brilliant and has me chuckling away to myself so much, if you haven’t listened to it, go check it out. 

Setting the Standards. 

Last week you may have seen us reveal on our Instagram that Evolve have been awarded a Gold Standard Gym award by the IFBA.

I am sure some of you are wondering what the hell this is… Well, let me explain. 

Dave and I have been a part of the IFBA, a forward thinking business group, since we opened Evolve in 2016. The aim of the IFBA has been to push the standard of the fitness industry to a higher level together by a number of gyms working together to achieve this. 

When we started out there were around eight gyms who all wanted to combine their passion, skills and resources to build better gyms for their members. There are now more than 40 gyms and last week were awarded one of only six gold standard awards. 

This award status is to show that as a gym we are hitting the high standards in all aspects of our business and it is something we are immensely proud to not only achieve but to be a part of. 

We will continue to work hard to provide the best experience we can to our members. 

That’s it from me. Another busy week ahead but this weekend coming is our Christmas party. This is always a very fun night for everyone to let their hair down and no doubt this year will be any different.

Ash x

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