Points win prizes

Happy Monday, seems like they come round too quickly these days.


I have just gotten back off a lovely trip to Majorca but already it feels like I haven’t even been away.


Do you feel like this when you get back?


It always amazes me how one minute I can be sat on a beach relaxed and then a few hours later sitting in traffic in London wondering if I had ever left!


This is the first proper time off I have taken this year, so I fully zoned out, turned off all notifications on my phone and tried my best to switch off from London life and work.


I am a country boy at heart and as much as I love London, I also love peace and quiet and wide open spaces.


I have always found it hard to not think of Evolve and everything going on when I am away but this time, I really forced myself to do it. I knew Dave, Ollie and Quinny didn’t need anything from me whilst I was away and knowing you work with an amazing team always makes it easier to switch off from it.


I would be lying if I said I didn’t check-in a few times and make sure there were social media posts going out etc but even when you co-own a business it’s hard to fully be out of it.




I can’t tell you how much it helped turning all notifications on my phone off.


It meant that when I did look at my phone, other than a few sports and news stories there was nothing to make me look at the other stuff.


I highly recommend it when you next go away.


Believe it or not you don’t miss anything and all those “amazing” social media posts will still be there when you check in a week later!





Not sure if you have heard, (it was in our monthly round up email so depends if you read that I guess!), but we are running a 4 week movement and mobility course starting on Saturday 31st August at 11am and continuing on the following 3 Saturdays.


I really can’t express how good this course is going to be. Ollie Frost (Frosty) is someone Dave and I have worked with for a number of years and is a great friend of ours, and so although we may be biased, believe me when I say he is one of the best movement specialists in the UK.


Frosty’s four-week course is going to improve your movement, mobility and flexibility as well as reducing the risk of injury.


Just take one look at his Instagram to see just how good he is.


If you have any tightness (I can guarantee you do) or any niggling injuries/pain (again I imagine this is true right?) then you really should jump on this course.


The cost is £99 and each session will last around 90 minutes as well as you getting home work. All of this will set you on the path to much better movement.

Spaces are limited so drop me a reply to this email ASAP to save your spot.


POINTS WIN PRIZES – Well for our members anyway!


Launching this week we are going to be providing “social loyalty” cards for all of our members.


“What’s that?” I hear you ask


Well, like a good coffee shop, we have created a loyalty card but with a difference.


This loyalty card will give you points the more you talk about us on social media.


A Facebook/Instagram check-in will give you 1 stamp

A photo of you working out in the gym with Evolve tagged in it will earn you 2 stamps

A Facebook or Instagram video/story with Evolve tagged in will get you 3 stamps

Facebook/Google review will get you 5 stamps


When you reach 10 stamps you will earn yourself a reward,.

With the first 10 stamps being one of our brand new Evolve water bottles, which are being delivered in the next week or so (and will also mean we won’t be providing single use plastic water bottles once the ones we have are gone) and some brand new t-shirt designs also being made up too.


You must do all this in the gym and get your stamp before you leave so we can see it has been done. If you do this at home or leave without a stamp you will miss out


So, get your card when you are next in the gym and get tagging etc.


Why are we doing this?


Well, we want more members like you and the best way for people to see what we do is for your friends etc to see how much you love Evolve as opposed to us just always telling people how much they will love it


Have a great week whatever you are up to







Ashton Turner