I wasn't sure they would let me stay....

A Year ON!

and to celebrate the guys have let me write another blog!!

So Tuesday marked a year since I started at Evolve, and I had some amazing messages and comments from you lovely lot. Thank you so much, I really felt the love!

Coming into a new environment can be tricky, daunting and sometimes overwhelming for people, whether it’s a workplace, social environment, or even a gym. Theres always a few doubts in your head of how to play things… me being me I went full in and just decided to throw myself head first into the culture and community - thats just my style!

There is a point to this, I promise.

It comes back to the whole community feel and atmosphere around Evolve, it really is so special. You’re all so welcoming and friendly, it took all of about 5 minutes before members started taking the piss out of me, egged on by Dave and Ash. I felt part of the furniture straight away!

If you are new to Evolve or on a FIT30 you’re thrown in the mix, and its testament to all of the members, that whether you’re in with an old timer or another newbie everyone supports each other and helps you to settle quickly.


Over the weekend I went down to Dorset to visit some family friends, after a hectic few weeks it was great to get out of London.

Saturday lunch at Rick Steins in Sandbanks was delicious, well known as a fish restaurant - I went for Chateaubriand! Couldn’t resist it. But the crab linguini was incredible, i’d highly recommend going there.

Sadly Sunday wasn’t the best day weather wise, so a nice country walk turned into a brief and damp trudge around the grounds. Yes i said grounds… their land and house was pretty big! 

Coming back to London after a relaxed weekend away I definitely felt invigorated and more energetic, I’m going to try and make a point to get out of London more where possible, its great for the mind and body! I encourage you all to do the same. We can so easily get caught up in our surroundings but something as small as a weekend or even night away really can change your mood.


I posted in instagram (shameless plug) last week about recovery and training, and had a few comments/questions back about it, so here are a few instructive points to consider when it comes to your training.

For adaptation to occur we must apply a stimulus (training) but also allow the body to recover. Letting your muscles and nervous system recover after you have trained hard is vital to making consistent progress, nutrition and sleep play an important role in this process.

Do you ever feel wiped out? 

Wake up in the morning feeling leaden, groggy and fuzzy headed? (not after drinking)! 

Come in to the gym and your energy levels are bottoming out?

Thats a pretty good sign that you might need a rest. Training harder and harder is not always the answer, now this isn’t a free pass to just sit on your arse and do nothing, but more to get you to consider how your body is reacting and feeling. There are times to hit top gear and crush your training, and other times to just take your foot off the throttle and dial down the intensity.

As we say - Optimal not maximal.

Lifestyle plays a massive role in this too, you all have demanding jobs, long hours and that effects your body’s ability to recover as you end up tired and not sleeping, which will then effect your training. 

For me, I had that last week, under the weather a bit, so i trained 3/4 times at a lower intensity, I didn’t push hard, dropped the weight and had a deload week. Sleeping where possible, and guess what?? I feel a lot better for it this week, and back to normal, with my energy levels up again.

My advice to you all, listen to your body, allow it to rest and come back stronger.

Have a fantastic week, it’s another 7 chances to take those steps towards hitting your goals, so make the most of them.

Ollie x

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