Baby on board

It’s been a busy month for me, I’ve moved back south of the river again,


Clapham Junction to be precise.


I love Fulham, we lived in a very residential area which was super peaceful but where we are in CJ is ridiculously handy for restaurants, shops, etc. I used to walk to work in 12 mins, now I use a Boris bike which is fun but I'm yet to do it in the rain and I’m very much a fair-weather cyclist.


I told Camilla Lukas that it took me 17 mins to cycle here the first time, she was not impressed


“it takes me 19 mins from Clapham North”…


Well I’ve improved on the 17 min and it's now down to 12 mins, I have found the shortcuts and just cycle like hell on the heavy red bike. Added energy expenditure especially as I go to work and back twice most days. 


Moving house is crap, the actual moving bit. You always have way more belongings than you ever imagine and when you think you are done, there are always a few more cupboards you forgot about. 


Rob and Sophia, members of the gym and close fiends of ours also moved house-sat week. Rob asked if I Ash and I could lend a hand, of course we said yes. We are trained to moving stuff around for a long period of time in the gym so we should be good at this. 


Rob and Sophia live on the third floor… by the end of the move Rob’s Apple watch had recorded 187 flights of stairs which is 93 trips up and down, ish. That was some workout I tell you!! He def didn’t need to go to the gym that day. 


One more thing about Rob and Sophia, there is a wee congratulations in order. They both met in a class at Evolve on week 1 back in 2016, and we are happy to tell you all that they have just had a little baby boy called Hugo. 


Have you bean?...


Arro, the new coffee shop. Anyone tried it?


I've only had an iced coffee and it was nice.


It looks like a cool deli too, and it had a melted chocolate tap. Always looking to support local business, why don’t you all pop in this week and say hello. Tell them we sent you. Ps, don’t go for the chocolate tap!


No Nonsense Nutrition


The nutrition programme is now two months in, we have 22 people on it and we are doing well with it.


We do not give you a diet plan, we look at what you are doing and address the issues that are holding you back, from there we give you some motivation using either the carrot or the stick.


Over the course of the programme the aim is to guide you to a point where you are practicing better habits and better behaviours towards food and exercise.


We also don’t spoon feed you, you all know that mars bars probably aren’t great for the diet, if you abuse foods like that we will address it and the accountability is there.


There is support, but it’s not sugar coated,


let’s hope the foods you eat aren’t either.


If you would like more info about the nutrition please reply to this email or email me at to find out more about it. 


It’s not your zone, it’s myzone!


Myzone belts, some of you have been asking about replacing your straps. We don’t get discount on them, I think they are £10-12. We have a discount code that will get you £50 off the belt RRP, which is a steal. Track your progress in the gym and get some cool stats. 

Here is the link with the code attached:


Ashton Turner