Even my 6 month old nephew speaks better Spanish than me! C'est la Vie!

What a beautiful Monday. The sun is shining, spring seems to be poking its head around the corner and the gym is packed full of clients.

It’s funny how many people moan about the Monday blues, but I think I can honestly say that in my 10+ years of doing this job I very rarely get that feeling.

That’s not to say that there weren’t times in my former years where standing in the pitch black, freezing cold and often wet parks of London with my clients didn’t test me. But truthfully, there was often something that even in those times, made me appreciate my job.

So, what’s been happening since we last spoke?

A lot of training and a lot of cooking that’s what!

Now many of you may think that as a PT the training part is the norm. But, it’s not. We are humans too and life, work, etc. get in the way just as they do for you. The difference being I am on my feet the majority of the day, so even when I am not training I am moving a lot.

With my finger injury I obviously had to take a forced sabbatical, which I was okay with as I didn’t have to come up with up reasons not to train – (see, we all do it!). But March has seen me come back with a bang.

I have trained nearly every day so far this month. There is however, a reason for this, which if you have read our previous emails, you will know. I have to admit though, I have loved getting back into it and having to modify my training around my injury.

Sometimes injuries can be the best thing for you. They make you re-assess, work on your weaknesses and learn more about your body. It also doesn’t mean you have to stop training, despite what people think! If you have injured your leg, you still have your upper body as well as any rehab exercises. This can still be an effective session.

I guess what I am saying is that injuries happen, don’t always concentrate on the negative side of them and think of ways you can work around them safely.

Master Chef

Ok, so that may be wishful thinking, but I do like to think of myself as more than competent in the kitchen.

I enjoy cooking (and mainly the eating side of it), when I have the time. Over the last couple of weekends I have made some amazing roast dinners.

Roasts are hard. Not the cooking of it, but the timing of getting all the elements together at the right time. I somehow, managed to nail the last couple and had some of the best roast lamb and rib of beef I have had! 

I got some knife skills lessons as a present for Christmas, so I fully intend to make 2019 the year I make my charge for Master Chef.

Alongside cooking more, I have started to learn Spanish. It’s not going that well as I don’t seem to be remembering anything but I am determined to get better as my sister lives in Spain and my 6 month old nephew will be speaking it in no time at all. In fact he just laughs a lot and makes cooing noises but I can tell it's in Spanish so he is already beating me!! 

Thankfully we have some Spanish-speaking members so I have no excuse not to practice. Wish me bon chance!

Before I go. I want to remind you all of our 24 hour charity challenge for CALM (Campaign against living miserably) that is happening this Friday from 5pm.

I won’t keep you any longer but you can read about it HERE and you can donate HERE.

We set a target of £1,500 and at the time of writing we have smashed it and are sat at £2,973.54. Please, please please, help us raise as much money as we can for such a worthy cause. If any of you are local business owners who can give us prizes for a raffle please get in touch.

Until next time. Please wish my legs well and drop in and see us when you can.


Ash x 

Ashton Turner