Man's a real thing, I promise you!

Just another manic Monday…

First blog of 2019, and I hope you have all had a great start to the year. Whether you’re one to set resolutions or goals for the new year or are thrown back into work and the regimes post Christmas, January is always a full on month. We’ve had an exceptionally busy start, and its great to see so many new faces along side the older crew.

Personally I’ve not so much set resolutions, as far as just wanting to have a quiet January and really pick up my training. Boring I know, but I feel better physically and mentally for it. 


The one main thing I wanted to do more of in 2019 was personal challenges/events. This starts in a few weeks with the Turf Games on 9th Feb. I’m in an exceptionally strong team, with some familiar faces to many of you – our very own DA, Dyl, Shane (who some of you may have been coached by a few times) and Ben Alldis who is the Uk trainer for the new Peloton cycling company. 

We will be coming up against some seriously fit athletes, and this has been a driving force behind some of my more intense workouts recently. It’s a team event and it will test out not just physical fitness but our tactics and working to each other’s strengths, and my weaknesses!

Looking forward into 2019 I’m still coming up with a few ideas, and September might be time to do a Half Ironman. Last year I sailed across the Atlantic for the 3rd time, maybe something else fun. 

I think though the main challenge will be 12 months of no injuries! 

My point in all this; is its good to have something to work towards, be it an actual event or a personal fitness goal. These want to be specific to you, and something that you want to do. My advice would be to think about what you really want to achieve both short and long term, then give yourself targets and timelines to break it into stages. Small wins. 

It’s very easy to get caught up chasing something you think you ought to do, be it “I have to look a certain way” or “I have to go this, because someone else did”, then because it’s not something you truly want you’re less likely to adhere to it.

 Listen to your body

Now we’re all prone to over doing it, working hard, pushing our bodies and then perhaps not listening to advice or even how we feel until it’s too late. After a busy start to the year alongside some intense training, I got the dreaded lurgy last week. It’s been going around a lot, and it was my turn. I think I looked and felt like Bez from the Happy Mondays!

Annoyingly it meant I had to go home on Thursday (sorry guys), but what it meant was I slowed down for 3-4 days, listened to how I feel and worked on recovering fully.

Now, I understand the frustration when you’re ill, think you’ve been making great progress and all of a sudden you have to stop for 4-5 days – the concern is you might lose all your progress. 

I assure you, that you wont! Take your foot off the gas, recover and then when you’re feeling somewhat normal again return to training at a lower intensity. Move and Breathe. 

Sometimes keeping going and pushing through it will just prolong the illness and allow it to linger! 

Listen to your body! 

Going out but not “Out Out”

It’s been a good month for going for a few quiet drinks and socialising without going “out out”, Sundays have been blissful without feeling groggy…again I want to reiterate that’s not me after a heavy Saturday!

I’ve caught up with friends and family lots over the last few weeks, and had a nice civilised roast around my mates house on Sunday evening – a few glasses of red wine but nothing crazy at all.

 Have a great week and hope to catch some of you in the studio.


Ashton Turner