How to lose inches on the assault bike!

Hello all, it seems like an age since I last wrote one of these. So what exactly have I been up to?

Well firstly, for those of you who don’t know, I had a little accident involving the tip of my finger and the assault bike.

Before you start to panic, it was a user error, not something you can do when you’re on the bike so don’t start thinking you won’t be using it ever again.

Luckily, albeit a bit shorter, the finger is on the mend. It has meant I haven’t been able to train for a few weeks, but I am ok with that. I won't go into all the gory details, but I have photos for those who want to see it!.

I have made sure I have moved more and I understand that at times injuries happen and training becomes restricted. This happens to a lot of us but it is important to let the body recover and not rush back too soon, even when frustration kicks in. Often you can still do some form of exercise, even if it isn’t to the same level as you usually do it, but that is ok. Just listen to your body and remember a short-term sacrifice is often best for long term goals.


Getting to know my chimp

Last week, Dave and I had one of our quarterly meet ups with a business group we are part of. This seminar was possibly one of the best I have been to in a while.

We had some great discussions on what makes an effective coach and leader, which is an exercise we are going to do with the three of us. It is a great way of looking at how to tailor our development towards making us the best coaches for our clients.

The second part of the talk was from the team at Chimp Management. These guys work for the author of the Chimp Paradox (if you haven’t read it, it is a fantastic read on how your mind works).

Again, this has given us a lot of food for thought, not only on our own behavior but on understanding our clients better. So, next time you come in and your chimp is taking control of your behavior we have all the tools to handle it!!


The names Bond!

For all you Bond fans out there make sure you check out the Bond in Motion exhibition at the London film museum.

This exhibition features 100 vehicles and artefacts spanning all 24 films. It was a great random find on my walk around London the other week and a great place to see some of the cars used (and ruined) in the films.

Tough Mudder

May the 4th see's the London leg of the Tough Mudder 2019 events take place. We are looking to get a group together to go and take on the obstacle course. 

This would be a great way testing your fitness levels and seeing how your training in the gym translates into other activities. 

Having done one before I can confirm it is a lot of fun!!!! 

We will have around 30 tickets so if you are keen let me know and we can get planning.

Thats it from me, I would write more, but it takes me a lot longer these days. Have a great week and see you soon. 

Ash "Knuckles"  

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