Kilt's are not good in 30 degree heat!

Gym challenge

What have I been up to this month?

I went to Warrington, Tuscany and Inverness. It’s amazing how a flight to Inverness can almost take as long as a flight to Tuscany…

Warrington is the location of my sisters new bar, she has working in the industry for about a decade and has taken the leap to open her own bar. Very like myself going PT into gym owner, it’s a big and exciting step but so scary and quite stressful. Her bar opens on Wednesday this week and is called Bold Street House, follow it on Instagram and if you are ever in Warrington get yourself there have a few soda’s…

Tuscany was for a wedding, an old client of mine and also a lovely friend of both Lou and I. For me, a wedding means covering myself in colourful woollen garments and layering it up. Kilts are not ideal in 30 degrees, for the first time I was chasing the shade.

Inverness was another wedding, one of Lou’s cousins, all these weddings are massively helping us build the plan for our big day next May.

Most of my time this month has been in the gym, August is a quieter time for us so that means staff holidays. Ash went away for a nice trip then Ollie went away, when that happens the workload increases for the others but what I like about that is I get to train some people that maybe come at times I’m not normally on shift. I am away next week so I will be the one with a tan soon, well we will see.

Taking a lot of the sessions in August meant I got to witness the gym challenge in full flow, 90 sec of speed, lunges at full blast and jelly legs afterward. We had 50+ participants and the winners got very good scores, well done to Lari and Izzy for taking first place. Bottle of Champagne for them both.

I’m currently thinking about the October gym challenge and how to make it fun but also hard. It will be under 2mins of work so it can be done pre/post workout.

I haven’t been out to any fancy restaurants lately, I am going to LA next Sunday so I will definitely be trying out plenty of nice food venues while I'm there, if anyone has any recommendations fire away.

Have a wonderful training week everyone, look forward to seeing you in the gym.

Ashton Turner