So, this weekend I attended another amazing IFBA conference.

For those of you not up to speed with what the IFBA is, it’s a fitness business group we have been a part of for the last 3 years.

When it started there were 15 of us, all wanting to improve the standard of the industry we all love.

Over the last three years it has grown into something truly special and this weekend was one of the best.

200+ gym owners and PT’s, some members, some not, gathered together to listen to numerous talks from some of the absolute best in the fitness industry.

Guys like Dan John who has written some of the best training books out there. Alwyn Cosgrove, a Scotsman from the arse end of nowhere (his words not mine) who pioneered the business model we run in the USA and built one of the most successful gyms over there. Mark Fisher, the most unorthodox fitness professional you will ever meet who owns two gyms in NYC voted as the top 20 in the USA and in the 500 fasted growing companies over there. Dave Wright, the CEO and creator of Myzone, owner of 10 gyms around the world and marketing expert.

As you can see, these guys are worth listening to.

We covered marketing, nutrition, training, building communities and fitness technology and absolutely every topic gave us a nugget of information we could use to improve Evolve even further.

It also made us even more confident that what we are doing and delivering is exactly where we should be and that when it comes to building a community, we do it like no other.

From day one we have always wanted to build Evolve into the best it could be and this means always keeping our eyes open to learning and tweaking parts of the business. It means that we have to be coached by the best, just as you are coached by us (the best!).

So, there are a few things we will be working on, a few tweaks to our programming to ensure you are getting the best version of our training. A few tweaks behind the scenes to make sure our service levels continually improve and stand as out as leaders in our field.

All of these will make our home, and that’s the collective ours, continue to be the best place there is to be.


Eat like an adult

For those of you who still haven’t heard, Dave and I launched our online nutrition programme 4 weeks ago and it has been a roaring success.

We keep talking about it for a few reasons.

A)    It works

B)    We are proud of the people who have taken on board our advice and are getting amazing results. I posted about it on Instagram here. Just look at some of the results in the first four weeks.

C)    We want to help as many people as we can take control of their nutrition

A lot of people worry about signing up for programmes like this because they either don’t see the value or are worried they don’t work!

So here are some facts

IT WORKS >>> if you do what we tell you to. The only way it doesn’t work is if you ignore the advice we give you.

Currently, the price is cheaper than that of a flat white per day!

YES, it really is that cheap.

But this will be changing very soon, because quite honestly, the level of support, education and guidance you get is worth a lot more than a flat white a day.

To ensure you get results you get the following;

·      Personal coaching from David and I, where we work on your lifestyle, habits and nutrition

·      Calorie and macronutrient targets specific to your needs

·      Weekly accountability check-ins to keep you progressing and working on areas you need more guidance in

·      Weekly live brain pick where you get to ask us any questions you would like answering

·      Private members area

·      Educational videos to help you learn more about the areas that matter

Now, when you list that out, do you think that is worth less than a flat white a day?

If I got that every time I went and paid for a coffee, I’d be ecstatic!

So, I could sit here and say that if you do everything we say to the letter and don’t get results, we will give you your money back.


I know we don’t need to. I know that if you do, do it and take full advantage of everything we offer you WILL GET RESULTS

Just think about it when you grab your coffee tomorrow and if you want to join us just reply to this email and i'll get you set up. 





Ashton Turner