It was an absolute honour!

Hello everyone, 

It seems like it's been a while since I have spoken to you all so looking forward to tell you what I have been up to. 

Something I’ve done:

Last week I went to Croatia, Momjan to be precise. I went out there to check out a wicked villa which topped the list of potential ‘Evolve Fitness Retreat’ venues. 

Lou and I went with 7 others to stay in the beautiful villa within the vineyards of Istria. We wanted to not only see where we were staying but have a good understanding of what was close by. 

Was is near the sea? 

Did it have bikes to rent?

Were the local restaurants good?

Could we hire a chef? 

Was the place quiet?

We arrived, unpacked and went straight out for dinner. It was a nice way to unwind. We ate what I can only describe at one of the best meals I have ever eaten. It was insane. There wasn’t salads however so I suggested to the group that we try out the gym in the morning to really test the villa out. 

The morning came and the music was turned up. We did a small circuits class inside (Croatia’s winters aren’t sunny) and then went for a run around the town, there is a staircase of 72 steps leading back to the house which was a nice finale. 

We had a lovely breakfast cooked by the host and we put our feet up for a bit. We popped open a bottle of sparkling wine, it was so good. Turns out its from the vineyard at the bottom of the drive, they do a nice tasting and tour of the vineyards but not at this time of the season. 

Just before the Six Nations came on we had a masseuse come over and everyone got a 30min massage, bliss. 

That night we played table tennis, had a chef make us a wonderful dinner and then just spent the eve putting the work to rights. I had such a nice time. 

It wasn’t sunny and hot, well the sauna was but outside it rained a lot. 

In May it will be 15-20 degrees

In June it will be 20 - 25 degrees

In July it will be 22 - 28 degrees

In Aug it will be 22 - 28 degrees

In Sept it will be 20 - 25 degrees

The plan for this Evolve Fitness Retreat is not JUST to lie on a sun lounger, we will be training at least 2 times a day. We cant do this at 28 degrees (I certainly can’t). We want to take you out of London and get some sun in a quiet part of the world where you can wander through vineyards, eat some amazing food and relax after an invigorating workout. 

We are looking to arrange our first one this year. As I write this I am getting together costs and itinerary ideas in order to look at when the first potential dates could be . I’m going to go out regularly to this place, its the ideal get away from the stress of London. Once you are there everything is just easy. 

Dates and prices of the retreat are TBC but I think it should be 4 nights to give you enough of a getaway. 

Something new I’m doing

After competing at the British Rowing Championships, I think I need to learn to row. I’ve always been decent on the rower because I’m heavy, tall and powerful. I don’t however have finesse on the rowing machine. I’m going to jump on a course to become a British Rowing Instructor. Hopefully all my new techniques will filter down and you will all benefit from the teaching I receive. 

A business I would like to promote: Honour & Co.

Honour & Co. is an exclusive private client jewellery service and it’s where I got Lou’s engagement ring. Johanna Martin who has been a loyal member of Evolve since its inception is part of the team who design and produce amazing jewellery. I went there first with a bit of trepidation, wasn’t sure what to get but I got such a nice greeting from Jo and Ed on my arrival. Definitely check them out for nice sparkly gifts and if you are short on ideas for valentines day don’t leave it too late…

Enjoy the rest of the week and see many of you in the gym


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