Sometimes I like things to get a little freaky!!

Well what would you know, it’s me again. 

Where have the last three weeks gone? It is amazing how quickly weeks and months can pass you by. I still can’t quite believe it’s nearly Christmas. Thankfully I haven’t heard a Christmas song yet and hopefully I don’t for at least another month. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Christmas, but I enjoy it for a month, not three!!

Anyway, before I get labelled a scrooge, lets get on with what I have been up to. 

It’s not goodbye, it’s we will see you soon! 

Sadly, this last week we said goodbye to one of our very special members, Helen Wrede. Helen has been with us since the 1st of the October 2016 and has been an absolute super star week in, week out. She optimises everything we are as a brand and has brought nothing but joy to all of us. 

The journey Helen has been on has been incredible. From coming in having never attempted half of the exercises we gave her, box jumps included, she soon set about challenging herself and succeeding in everything she tried and way beyond what she thought was possible (we always knew it was possible by the way Helen!). By the time Helen left she was able to easily jump on a 24” box, do a full chin up unassisted and out train a lot of people half her age. 

We will miss Helen, not just the staff but the whole Evolve family. Her constant smile, enthusiasm, hunger to improve and determination were loved by everyone and although we get to see her two fantastic kids, Will and Michaela, the studio won’t be the same without her. 

We wish you all the best for the future, and we know we will see you for a workout soon.

Swing Low

This weekend I got to spend some quality time with my Dad at Twickenham. For those of you who follow me on instagram (in-between the selfies and videos) you will see that my family are hugely important to me. My Dad is my idol, I know a lot of peoples Dads are, but I can safely say I wouldn’t be the person, coach or businessman I am without him (and you mum don’t start ringing me now and getting upset!!). 

Anyway, some good old father and son time is a rarity these days so it was great to get something in the diary and head off to Twickenham. In fact the last time we went together was 1999 and again to see South Africa (cheers for the invites since Dad, they must have got lost in the post!!) I will list the highlights below so bare with me.

  • Spending time with the old man

  • The steak sarnie courtesy of our member Karl…well not him but the food stall on his drive.

And that sadly is that!

The game was a load of rubbish, the atmosphere was like a library with only the odd below of Swing Low (fyi we need another song guys, one isn’t enough) and the queue for the bar was too bloody long. First world problems hey! 

So my advice to you, if you get offered tickets. Take them, get a steak sarnie from Whitton Road, get a few beers in early and go with someone who has good conversation and prey the game is good!! 

Getting Freaky

Ok, last bit from me. 

New restaurant in soho for you all to try if you fancy some Asian fusion, a rowdy atmosphere and a good cocktail. 

Freak Scene on Frith street. 

It wasn’t the best place I have been too but the food choices are different, tasty and a nice bit of spice. The staff are friendly, energetic and attentive…oh and you can sit at the counter and watch Takeshi’s castle. If you know, you know!!! 

So if you fancy a venture in to town, check it out. 

Thats all from me, hope you all had a good weekend and don’t forget to come in and see us if you haven’t done yet. We can be bribed with cake and wine if you want to feel really welcome!! 

I lied. One last thing. Go on instagram and check out @drawingsofdogs. Amazing back story, very through provoking art and a lot of humour! 

Ashton Turner