One, two, three, four, Fife!

The past week has been great in the gym, we welcomed two new members, both of which only had good things to say about the community spirit and how everyone is so welcoming.


This past weekend I’ve had to do something that a lot of you will have had to deal with and I’m sure you can relate.


On Friday I went up to Scotland for a stag do. We were (n21) all staying in a big house, whoever put their hard earned cash to that deposit is brave. We spent the first day touring Fife, taking in the atmosphere of all the local boozers, some were more welcoming than others (picture a feast of locusts hitting a hobby farm).


It would be fair to say that I might have taken in more than my recommended units this weekend.


The first night we went for dinner, the menu was bleak, there wasn’t a vegetable in sight. Coming from London where the options to break off from the main pack and grab a healthy snack in an endeavour to prevent complete derailment of any attempt to diet, was a no go. This was tough as I’m used to being able to grab good snacks or have options at the bar to choose from.


The pubs were fun, but they had no slimline tonic in sight and the beer was super cheap, £2.50 a pint. When you have a bloke leading a stag holding the kitty, you have very little say (no say) in what you get other than a beer. Any attempt at ordering a ‘Skinny Bitch’ (my mums name for a vodka soda) would be met with savage abuse. Sometimes you either have to put your foot down and take the ridicule, or accept that you can’t have success at every attempt.


The next morning we woke to a lovely spread of bacon, black pudding and cereal. This was my chance to make a choice and I decided I probably shouldn’t be having a buttered roll with bacon and black pudding when there is cereal and fruit on offer. I had the cereal, smelt someone else’s bacon roll and that was me for the morning.


The activity was 5-aside zorbing, which is so much fun. Basically you tie yourself inside a massive inflatable ping pong ball and run at each other. It’s pain free but quite scary when you are running head on at full speed at your 125kg cousin who is clearly going to win the collision... Go online for some funny videos of zorbing, well worth a try.


I bailed before dinner on the second night out on the stag and headed home, got some good food and went to bed because it’s now 4:45am and I’m heading to the airport, next stop Mallorca


Four nights in Port de Pollenca then I fly straight back to get everything set up for the annual Turf Games. We are hosting a fitness arena there - it's such a fun day, I've been really looking forward to it!


To go back to my stag trip, eating well is fairly easy when you have a routine and everything is accessible. If you travel a lot with work, if you are on call, if things are slightly out of your control (going to a dinner party or someone else in charge of the drinks order) like for me this weekend, you just need to try find another part of your week that you can really make fabulous.


I knew this weekend was going to be hard so on Thursday I ate less at breakfast and had a few other swaps so that I had a bit more space for the additional calories coming my way, Friday was terrible on the calorie front then yesterday was hard, but we were in charge of our own drinks so I chose better.


If you are going on a stag/hen do soon, take some snacks that will allow you to eat a little less of the unhealthy food on offer (not EXTRA snacks, these should be only for a swap option).


I’m really looking forward to getting some sun, as Ollie said last week vitamin D is very easy to get in the sun so I’m going to lap it all up and come back and be the ray of sunshine you all need at 6am bright and early!!!


Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you at Turf Games or at the gym on the 18th.


Ashton Turner