And that is why I employed a personal chef....

Hi all! 

Hope you all had a great week and weekend.

I thought I’d start off today by telling you a little about my current diet and nutrition set up… I am trying out ‘Fresh Fitness Food’ (FFF) which is basically me paying someone to sort my food and bring it to me. Sounds super lazy and a tad flashy but it’s something I am happy to spend a little extra on and it makes a huge difference to my week. Generally us Londoners aren’t scared to pay for a cleaner, or get our work shirts dry cleaned but it does sound a bit excessive having someone cook all your food for you.

 To tell you a little more about it, it means that every morning when I wake up my meals are already waiting for me. I am not doing it to diet, but it’s all calorie controlled and uber healthy so most people do use it to diet. When I signed up I told them what I don’t like and then they come up with a menu including the foods that I do like that rotates regularly. 

Daily I used to buy two coffee’s @ £2.70 and my lunch out would cost around £7.50. Food for dinner may cost £5ish as I’d make it from scratch. That totals £18 per day. If I don’t buy the coffee it’s cheaper but it’s going to total around £18. FFF works out at £27 per day, I get 10% off so £24.30 – really not much more than what I was already spending but saving me hours of time and means I’m kept on track. If I swap shop coffee to homemade and that helps me afford it. It’s the same price as getting a cheap uber journey. An entire tasty menu for the day only costs me a little extra and the value it brings is huge.

 We’ve been lucky enough to sort a discount code for you guys - the code evolve10 will get you 10% off. We have invited the FFF team down to put on a tasting evening so you can try some of their meals – we’ll keep you in the loop when this is booked. 

Remember: No matter what you do day-to-day, your time is valuable; outsourcing is a great tool. 

In terms of what else I’ve got going on - This weekend I’m off up to Scotland to suss out the venue for my wedding, which is pretty awesome. While I’m up there I’m going to try run up one of the big hills nearby, definitely worth the effort in the North East of Scotland. Did you know, any hill over 2000ft in Scotland is called a ‘Graham’, over 2500ft called a  ‘Corbett’ and any over 3000ft called a ’Munro’. There are 282 Munro’s and I’m looking for one of them try climb on at the weekend for you. I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on!


That’s it from me – have a great week! 


Dave x

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