Would you give up sex in January?

We are back, it’s been a few weeks since we last spoke but there was this little thing called Christmas and New Year that got in the way!!

So firstly, Happy New Year to you all...when is it ok to stop saying this? I feel like now is probably about right!

Hopefully, by now everyone is back in full swing with their fitness and nutrition goals and undoing some of the ‘damage’ the Christmas period did.

It is such a funny time of year when it comes to everyone’s health, I mean nobody bats an eyelid at you over Christmas if you eat chocolate for breakfast, but boy, you try and do that on January the 1st and you are going straight to hell!!

I personally had an indulgent Christmas and enjoyed every second of it…as did my waistline! But I was ok with coming back to work being a bit fluffy because I know it’s not the norm and I have slowly started to return to my normal routines.

You see, you don’t need to worry about what you do between Christmas and New Year, you need to worry about what you do between New Year and Christmas.

Yes, Christmas may see you add a few pounds, but you have another 50 weeks to get your priorities back in order and make that waistline shrink. So, don’t go through January in full panic mode!

Seeing as my social diary has been pretty quiet of late instead of the usual round up of what I have been up to, I will instead give you some tips to make sure you stay on track well past January with your health and fitness goals.

1.     Don’t do dry Jan…or anything else that completely cuts out things you enjoy. Why? Because alcohol on its own isn’t the only cause of weight gain. Yes, you may have drank too much through December, but most people quit in Jan and then celebrate their success with a huge piss up in Feb. Instead, just reduce your intake and be sensible but don’t just cut it out altogether then tell everyone you see every day how hard it is!! Because let’s be honest, if you had loads of sex in December, you wouldn’t say to your partner, “not this month darling, I overdid it a bit in December so I’m giving it a miss in Jan”

2.     Don’t do a detox – They don’t work, there is no point in them and stop wasting your money.

3.     Find a gym or exercise class you love. Everyone goes crazy for exercise in January which is great (despite what all you haters say about the newbies). BUT, if you have never trained before and you suddenly think going 7 days a week is the best thing for you, you will fail. Start slow, give yourself a chance to adapt to it and get used to it. And make sure you enjoy it.  Surrounding yourself with good people who will help you and a fun environment is key.

4.     Set yourself achievable goals. Whilst you should always have a long-term goal in your mind, this needs to be broken down to smaller bitesize chunks. Remember if you want to lose 5kg you have to first lose 1. Focus on the 1 and celebrate the small wins.

5.     Learn that fat loss isn’t linear. There will be weeks it doesn’t go to plan. Days where you struggle with motivation and energy. Sessions that just don’t feel great. But this is normal. Don’t get disheartened, don’t stress out about it and don’t think you are failing. Just

That’s it from me this week. There are some big plans for Evolve this year so if you are reading this and haven’t been in to check us out, make sure you do. January is a great month for fitness.  

Have a great week and speak to you soon.


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