Who knew the Eurostar could be so fun?!

Coaches Catch Up

Team Evolve have decided it’s time to connect with you guys more– giving an insight into what we’ve been up to and our advice on how to manage your diet/health and training whilst also enjoying everything London has to offer.

This first edition has been taken over by Dave – enjoy!

Meet someone new

We have started using the shared office space ‘Uncommon’ across the road to get our admin done. If you ever work from home and fancy mixing it up by joining me in a comfortable environment where you can hire a desk for something like £20 a day plus awesome coffees then pop in and ask for Kim or Geraldine to get started. It’s already become my favourite place to work - Bill, the barista is also super welcoming, quickly learning my name! Never underestimate the power of being friendly, I now tell everyone about ‘Bill the Barista’ lol. His coffees are good too, Ash the coffee snob, is still to confirm...

Trying something new

Last week I popped into the City after work (circa 7:30pm) to train with my fiancée in the gym she normally goes to. It would be fair to say it’s a beautiful gym in a very lavish building. Now before you start questioning why I’m talking so highly of another gym, I have a point to make about it. It’s the first time I’ve trained in a big commercial gym in years. The music was quiet, meaning everyone had headphones in (I didn’t have any) which resulted in zero chat, it was like being on the tube. Someone speaks and you get scowled like you are spoiling someone’s zen. Coming from Evolve that is teeming with people who want to have a conversation (not to the detriment of a session but so to be social) it was hard. There was little atmosphere and I felt very unmotivated but that’s probably because I’m used to getting a boost from others.

My point: if you go to larger gyms you can still get an amazing experience but either take headphone or chat to people, it’s amazing how much your experience in a gym can change when you have people around you. Not for the American style high fives and enthusiasm but just someone to back you up when you doubt yourself or a friend to walk with you into the weights area when you feel like all eyes are on you. We will NEVER underestimate the power of our community feel; the results it brings are awesome.

Lesson from a social situation this week

Last weekend I had my sister and her boyfriend come down to stay with us in London. A sightseeing tour courtesy of me usually involves a fair bit of walking to help burn off the copious amounts of food I also book in. If you’re trying to lose weight you need to be in control of what you’re eating. If you were to plan a sightseeing weekend with all the food and none of the walking you would have to factor in a day of only salad and water to compensate. I exaggerate but the point is true. I had control because I had a plan for both days, I was going to go to the gym in the morning and then take them on a walking tour of the city, maybe a treasure hunt (because I’m a geek like that).

I woke up on the second day and they’d surprised my fiancée and I with a trip to Paris, the picnic on the Eurostar included Champagne, pastries and gin. (That’s ‘gin’ not ‘gym’), that plan giving me total control was dead and gone. What do I do? Options include sipping the Champagne but try find some alternative snacks, decline the Champagne and picnic all together, or appreciate the treat, go full steam ahead into the Champagne and picnic but then keep the throttle down when we hit Paris? I went for the latter.

There was an analogy made a month ago by Mr J Smith that made me think of my Paris blowout… To afford a holiday you either need to save up for it or you need to hold back spending once you are back. With dieting it’s the same, to prevent an overdose of calories I needed to either restrict before I went (which I didn’t as it was a surprise), or hold back now I’m back. My plan is to be a little more restrictive this week than normal to make up. If you think you can always have it good you are wrong, you need to make sacrifices if you want to enjoy the good times. So for this week, if you want me I’ll be in the salad bar ;)

Dave x

Ashton Turner