There’s a reason I don’t worry about this at Christmas...

And that’s because I want to enjoy my life, not sit and stress about putting every chocolate out of my celebrations box in myfitnesspal.

Yep, you guessed it, I am talking about the worry of adding weight at Christmas.

I am sure this won’t be the first blog or post you have read about this subject, nor will it be the last, but hopefully most of them are telling you the same thing.

Now, before you start to inform the diet police that I am saying go get fat, I am not.


 There is just too much good food and drink around at Christmas to not enjoy it, add this to the fact you probably become less active and it’s understandable to see why it’s so easy to gain a bit of holiday fluff!

However, remember just because we a little more accepting of weight gain at this time of year, it doesn’t mean that you can continue in this vein for the rest of 2019.

 So, Ashton, what exactly are your top tips for avoiding putting on too much weight this Christmas.


1)    Make space
Putting weight on comes from being in a calorie surplus (or eating more than you burn). This means that you need to try and balance this out somewhere else along the way. The easiest way to do this is to have some days where you limit your calorie intake and stay in a bigger deficit.  This means your indulgent days won’t be as detrimental when you average it out.

2)    Don’t be greedy
Yes, we know it’s Christmas and temptation is everywhere, and whilst I am never not going to say enjoy the good food. Don’t be a pig! You don’t need that 20th chocolate or 3rd helping of Christmas pudding. The apocalypse isn’t coming so you can rest easy knowing you will get to eat that same food again.

3)    Move more
Just because the gym is closed or there isn’t one close to you doesn’t mean you have to sit on your backside and do nothing for the holidays. Get up and walk, go for a jog, chase around your kids, nephews, nieces, dogs or grannies. Do some 20 minute home workouts. It doesn’t have to be huge but just focusing on moving more will help reduce the extra calories consumed.

4)    Set an end date
Seems strange, but accepting you may add weight and controlling how much can be powerful as it keeps you in control. But also giving yourself an end date and when you are going to start get back on track means you don’t let Christmas continue into February!!

There you go. Enjoy Christmas, limit the damage you do by balancing being sensible with not so sensible and have a clear end date in your mind.