I've already lost a finger to the assault bike...now I am about to lose 24 hours!!

 Two blogs in one week, we are spoiling you... 

 However, this one is a little different, and maybe a little bit longer, but please spare a few minutes to give this a read. 

 For those of you who haven’t yet heard, the Evolve coaches (myself, Dave, Ollie and Aran) are preparing for a mammoth charity challenge on the 29th of March. 

 What is it and why, I hear you ask! 

 Well, let’s start with the what...

 The four of us will be taking on a 24 hour Assault Airbike Challenge. For those of you who come to Evolve, or train elsewhere, and have gotten acquainted with the assault bike you know that one minute on this bit of kit can be torture, let alone 24 hour hours. 

 The plan is to start at 5pm on Friday the 29th of March and do 20 minute stints, with an hours rest 18 times! Just writing that makes my legs ache. But we don’t want to just sit on it and pedal. For those of you bad at math, we will finish at 5pm on Saturday the 30th!! 

 We have set ourselves a target of staying at between 60 and 63rpm. This isn’t super fast, but it is also not a slow pace. If we keep this pace we will cover between 550-600 miles or which is the equivalent of London to Inverness… go and check that out on a map! We will also burn somewhere around 21,000 calories on the bike. 

 To say we are slightly anxious about it would be an understatement. 

 Now the why...

As a studio we have always wanted to do an event like this for a good cause. The charity we have chosen is not only close to our hearts for the worst reasons but with recent events it is sadly in the press again. 

 The charity we have chosen to support is CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). This amazing charity was set up for the prevention of male suicide. Sadly suicide is the biggest single killer of men under the age of 45. 

 This is, a) shocking and b) so sad that so many men out there feel like they have no other option. As we know, men, often don’t like to speak out about their feelings due to the way they think they will be perceived, but we can’t let suicide be the alternative. 

 As I mentioned, it’s close to our hearts - myself, Aran (Quinny) and Dave all know someone who took their own life, so this challenge will be in honor of Jaffa and Sully and no matter how hard it gets for us we will push on through knowing that supporting such an amazing charity can and will change peoples lives and make a difference. 

So, what do we need from you?

 Well, we obviously want to raise as much money and awareness as we possibly can. We have started a Just Giving page and set a modest target of £1,500. However, we would absolutely love to smash that. You can donate here or copy and paste this link. www.justgiving.com/fundraising/evolve-x-calm

 We would also love it if you can shout about it wherever (social media, work emails etc) and to whoever (friends, family, colleagues etc) you can and create as much awareness and noise around the event so that we can give this charity as much attention as it deserves. 

 We would also love your support during the event. We will have four bikes going. Ours, a members bike, another gym is looking to do it alongside us and support us and a Turf Games bike. 

 With the members bike we have split the 24 hours into 10-minute time slots and would love as many people as possible to come and jump on for as little or as long as you wish. So as to make sure as many time slots are used and we don’t have loads of people hanging around waiting to cycle we have created a spreadsheet. Please email info@evolve353.com if you want to get involved and we will email you a link to book a time. Even if you don’t want to cycle please stop by the studio to give us some moral support and baked goods (we can basically eat anything with the calorie deficit we’re going to be in!). If you aren’t sure where we are the address is 353 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4RJ.

 Lastly, we want you all to be there for each other. Just because on the face of it people look okay, this sadly isn’t always true. 

Men. Speak out, talk to people and don’t feel like you are alone. The same for you ladies. No one should ever feel like they have no one to turn to. Our door is always open, for a workout, for support or even a chat. So together, let’s make a big difference.

Big thank you for your support with this.

Team Evolve x

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