Just call me Bridget Jones

Happy Monday everyone! 

Hope you’ve all had a good start to the week and enjoyed your weekends. I don’t want to speak too soon but Sunday and today really feel like summer (whisper it quietly) is arriving! 

It’s been a busy few weeks since I last wrote the blog. 

Bank holiday weekends are always full on, and this past one was no different. I had the pleasure of joining a hardened group of Evolve members, and Ash, to take part in the Tough Mudder event down in Henley. Having never done one, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, other than to be cold and wet. And guess what?! It didn’t disappoint! It was cold and wet, a bit muddy too. But I really enjoyed it, especially seeing so many people tackle it head on, and throw everything at the challenges! I love team events, challenges or sports, but most of the time I’ve always been in a competitive environment, this was a great change. A totally different mindset- it was all about completing it together. Well done to all.

On the opposite tack (sailing analogy there), this weekend was very relaxed. Feeling refreshed and revitalised, I had a great day working on Saturday seeing all you lovely lot smashing your start to the weekend. The afternoon was spent judging for the Turf Games. Under Armour are now the main sponsors, and as such they were doing trials for 2 teams, a variety of athletes took part; some clearly seasoned and very strong guys and girls, alongside novices. One guy hadn’t done a burpee before! He clearly didn’t know what was missing in his life! We all love them don’t we?! Haha.

The workouts were short but a good combination of strength and endurance, and they found out weaknesses in conditioning or gaps in training. As with a lot of things it can be humbling when faced with something you’re not great at. But having a go and trying is the only way to get better! 

After a chilled Saturday spent watching an epic game of rugby, having a glass of wine and some ice cream (it’s all about balance), though as I was told by at least a few of you - I had turned into Bridget Jones! 

Sunday was beaut, and it was time to crack out the road bike! A 45 mile round trip out to Shere and the Surrey hills with my dad and two friends, Harvey and Fozzy, reignited my love for cycling. Call me a fair weather cyclist- you’d be right. But it’s definitely going to be a feature of weekends whenever I can. 

Exercising outside is good for the soul, it also meant I earned my bbq food and a drink Sunday evening. 

See you all in the gym this week! 


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