You'll never Belize it...

I Belize I can fly…

Do you Belize in life after love…

Sorry, thats enough of those un-belize-able puns!

Afternoon gang.

How are you all?

I’ll be honest, I am having a good week so far as this blog is coming to you all the way from Belize, where as most of you will probably know, I'm on holiday for a mates wedding!

What an incredible first few days, after a very long 36 hours to get here, I went straight out to Caye Caulker to join up with all the guys from the wedding. An idyllic island that was split into halves by a hurricane, it’s a 45 minute boat ride from Belize City. Populated by lots of small bars, restaurants and beach bars its got a very cool vibe, a relaxed Caribbean feel.

We got here, had a few drinks and a fun night out, then Saturday was spent at a beach bar overlooking the Split - the channel that separates the two halves of the island. 

Big win - I managed to avoid getting sunburnt. Factor 50 copiously applied. We’ve got a day or so to relax before the wedding and then there are three days of events. It’s going to be very fun. 

Over the last few weeks I’ve been going from treatment with Sammy and Liam at Chiro.London on Wandsworth Bridge Road. They’ve been amazing, helping to release my back and get me feeling a lot better. I even went to have an X-ray at their Putney branch which was an interesting and instructive process, it certainly gave me a better understanding of how my back can and can’t function. I can’t recommend them enough, their expertise and care is exceptional.

And to top it off they have come with a special exclusive offer just for Evolve members.

50% off your initial consultation
£5 off your on-going adjustments

Just mention you are an Evolve member and make sure you take advantage of this great offer. Staying on top of your movement is vital to minimise the risk of injury.

I’ve never been very good at taking time to read books, (much to my mothers disappointment), but I’ve had a few books recommended to me recently and I picked up one called ‘From Iron Bars to Iron Man’, a biography/story of John McAvoy, born into a family and culture of serious organised crime. Put in jail before he was 19 and then being convicted again at 21 for two life sentences. It’s fascinating to hear his mindset, he takes up exercise and rowing while incarcerated and it’s transforms his life. Outlook, motivation, mindset, everything changes. And it just shows the power health and fitness can have, as well as incredible mental strength and resolve.

Definitely give this a read!

I hope you all have a great week and Belize it or not (sorry), I am missing you all!


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