It all points East

Happy Monday all, what a glorious start to the week, sun is out and it really feels like summer is here.

I hope you all had fantastic weekends, and got to enjoy London at its best. I absolutely love this city when the weather plays ball, the atmosphere is fantastic, it just seems so sociable and buzzing.

A busy few weeks since I last wrote to you all, less wine and ice cream on my own in any case. No more Bridget Jones jokes from Ash! *eye roll*

It’s finally bbq season and this weekend I had 2! Maybe a little excessive but there’s nothing better than eating outside and having as much streak, sausages, chicken and ribs as you can handle.
Friday evening was a relaxed dinner, and then Sunday was an afternoon bbq in the sun and some garden sports- guys can’t just sit still you know, got to make a game out of everything.

There are many benefits from being outside, Apart from it being so nice and good for the mood/soul, one such benefit being increased levels of Vitamin D and exposure to the sun. Studies show that approximately 1 Billion people are Vitamin D deficient, and up 40% of the US. Recent studies indicate that the current RDA of 600 IU is underestimated, and it could be closer to 1000 IU. Supplements are a good way to increase your intake, especially during the winter months as we are a society that spends too much time inside as well as living in a country not always blessed worth loads of sun.
But now that we’re getting this lovely weather, it’s time to take advantage of the sun being out. Being outside will make you more active, therefore increasing your steps and your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) Benefits of Vitamin D include increased cognition, immune health, bone health and well-being. Supplementation can also reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. People deficient in vitamin D may also experience increased testosterone levels after supplementation.

On Saturday I went way off piste ( for me anyway)... I travelling ALL the way to Mile End. Haha. A long way from South West London... *Ash rolling his eyes again* 
It was the All Points East music festival, which was pretty good, some new artists id not heard before, and then Mumford and Sons were the headline act; who are amazing. A good fun vibe, but pretty chilled day and evening.

Great to see so many of you guys training hard smashing your goals. Keep up the hard work, and see you in the gym this week.

Until next time


Ashton Turner