You may want to stand up for this one!

Well you’ve heard from the boys over the last few weeks, their musings, learnings and bad coffee issues… now its my turn. I hope I don’t disappoint.

Don’t Stay Seated too Long

I’ve never been very good at sitting down, even at school I was terrible at it, concentrating on a task that would bore me was and still is like torture. The other weekend I endured around 10/12 hours of studying for a sailing course (more on that later), which meant that I was stationary and glued to the computer screen.

Now I know what you’re all about to say - “stop moaning, we do it every day”, and I completely get that, I would say in return you’re used to it, however I have a point to this… bear with me!

Despite my eyes turning square, and having to ignore some great rugby matches on tv to read about legislation, rules and regulations in the Maritime world, I found that sitting for prolonged periods was tortuous.

Again - I hear those exclaimations and rolling of eyes, “we know this!”, but for someone not used to this having pretty much always been on my feet throughout my working life, it was shocking.

So, what are my takeaways? Whats the point of this anecdote you’re wondering?

Well… here are a few:

  1. Get up and move frequently, even if it is just walking to get a coffee, while you’re at it do a few mobility exercises, loosen off your lower backs. Sitting for prolonged periods and the position of your spine loads the disks in your lumbar spine (up to 180-200kg of load goes through the disks in your lower back when sitting). 

  2. Hips, hamstrings and Glutes. These are affected massively when seated, the front of your hips tighten up, your hamstrings also get tighter as a result, and your glutes switch off and become lazy. Making sure you do corrective exercises little an often throughout the week to try to counteract this. Think - Couch Stretch, Hamstring stretch and some Glute bridges. We do lots but the more the better.

  3. Exercise really does make you feel better, and increases productivity. Even if its a 20 min brisk walk at lunch, or a run. Or that early morning/late evening session with us, a healthy body really does equal a healthy mind. 

Fighting Fires, saving lives

Only joking, I’m not that good (yet).

This week I had to leave all you wonderful people for a few days and drive down to Hamble, the Maritime Academy in Warsash, I had a fun few days re-learning Sea Survival and Fire Fighting techniques on board yachts/ships. 

They had us learning how to survive in a Liferaft, righting it after a capsize, and co-ordinating survivors when everyone has jumped overboard. No prizes for guessing who was a team leader. ;)

Wednesday’s training involved re-learning fire containment on board, they have a pretty amazing set up which includes a 3 storey building they set alight and then send you in with full gear and breathing apparatus. Its quite fun! Bit hot though.. makes you sweat like a… (insert rude metaphor here).

Now you may ask, why am I doing all this?!

Its to re-endorse my Sailing qualifications for a pretty exciting trip in November. On 25th November I leave Grand Canaria and race across the Atlantic to St Lucia. This event is called The ARC, and is an organised rally and race for cruisers and racers alike. Most are there for the experience and just to cross in company of other yachts, however there is also a Racing Class. I’m lucky enough to have been invited to race on board a 96ft performance yacht, Southern Wind 96. 

This will be my 4th crossing in total, but hopefully the most fun, as this yacht is no slouch. Speeds should hit over 20-22kts (which is fast for a sailing boat), meaning we could be looking at around 9-12 days at sea and hopefully taking Line Honours in St Lucia. 

While crossing I’ll do a blog, some videos (we’ve got a drone) and there will be an online tracker for those who are interested in progress. 


No, I’m not joining the army. Its actually a Indian restaurant up in Bloomberg Arcade which I went to on Monday evening for a friends 30th. If you’re a fan of a curry then this place is a must. Very cool vibe, buzzing atmosphere and they even have a whiskey room complete with pool table and TV’s showing sports! What more could you want?! 

I’d highly recommend going to try it out, a great take on your traditional curry, with lots of sharing plates too. Its also right near to the Ned - so you can drink before and after!

Anyway I’ll stop waffling on, hope you all have good weeks!

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